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Products > Animal Repeller > > Solar Sonic Bird Repeller
Product name : Solar Sonic Bird Repeller
Item : KN-D460
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Solar Bird Repeller

1. Power Supply by Solar Energy or DC supply, PIR Motion Activated, Bird and Animal Repellers.
2. By turning the knob clockwise to choose diffierent work mode: day, night and off.
3. The device will play loud explosive sounds (Gunshot, Barking Dog, Raptor) to repel birds, cats, dogs, foxes, and other animals.
4. The device has 4pcs 360 arc high light LED flashing to get rid of animals in dark.
5. Waterproof level IP44
6. Ground fixed with free stake.
7. PIR Covers 120° arc, and 30ft ground area - total of 2,425 square ft.

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