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Products > Solar Power Insect Killer > > Multifunction Garden Light Solar Insect Killer Lamp
Product name : Multifunction Garden Light Solar Insect Killer Lamp
Item : KN-C330
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1. Insect killer: UV LED lamp attract and entrap insects effectively, 800V High electric field kill pest immediately.
2. Illuminating lamp: 8PCS high light white LED
3. Emergency light: Use outdoor or camping as emergency light
4. High-performance solar panel: 6V 170Ma polycrystalline silicon
5. Rechargeable battery: 3.6V DC 1800mAh Lithium Battery
6. Power supply: Solar energy or DC adaptor (included)
7. Usage environment: hang on the balcony, stand on table and stick into garden
8. Working time: Insect killer 15hours, Illumination 30hours

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